Portfolio Management Services

Managing portfolios is our core business.

Compiling your investment profile.
This lies at the very core of our work. We take the time to get to know you so we can decide on the following key aspects:

  • Your risk tolerance (conservative – dynamic),
  • Your investment horizon (maximum time limit for a financial investment),
  • Your income and your future cash flow requirements
Once the risk profile of our client has been implemented, we can formulate an investment strategy that best suits your own personal and family circumstances.

Investment style.
Our client's portfolios are all different. They are all made to measure.

We build your portfolio based on your actual investment profile.

We make use of not only direct-line investments in shares and bonds but also specialised investment products focused on regions and sectors. The search for the best cost/benefit trade-off determines the final choice of instruments that we use.

We are free from any conflicts of interest and only pick those investment products that are best suited to meet your needs. At AACL, we make no claims to master every skill involved in investments. That is why, whenever necessary, we consult with our expert partners to find the best solution most suitable for you. This is the case with real-estate investments, alternative management and structured products.


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