Sustainability of your assets is vital

Honesty, longevity, dedication, faithfulness, loyalty and trust

To best meet your needs, we choose from a list of top-tier depository Banks that we have been working with for many years now.


Your account will be opened with Private Bankers in Hong Kong or any other major international or foreign Banks.
Other Service Providers
Wealth management is our core line of business but we can also provide in-house assistance with many other fields.


If our in-house skills do not meet your needs, we can arrange for you to access our extensive network of service providers working in fields connected to your business: lawyers, tax experts, real-estate specialists, local and international insurers, notaries, chartered accountants and auditors, etc.

We also have partners who can assist you in your private affairs, with their expert knowledge of international schools, private clinics and high-end concierge services.


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